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Precise Location Identification

In-Built GPS transfers continuous GPS location to server. data transmission periods can be set remotely. When indoors VEESAG uses traingulation techniques to get the approximate location of the wearer.

VEESAG can automatically plot the route of the wearer and historical information can be retrieved when needed. Depending on the route system can automatically calculate how many calories are burned while walking or running based on the user inputs.

In more advanced scenarios VEESAG can calculate the nearby police vans and displays a real time pusuit graphs to coordinate better in order to help the victim/patient.

Never miss your medication

VEESAG smart watch is equipped with medicine reminder, medicines can be programmed remotely by the care giver or doctor. When its time for medication VEESAG will ring an alarm on the watch and displays the medicine names. Once confirmed by user VEESAG will record that event on the users dashboard.

When the user did not acknowledge for the medicine reminder, VEESAG will automatically page the contacts that need to be notified by email and SMS.

Monitor from anywhere

VEESAG mPERS acts as a hub on the body. When the wearer uses other VEESAG health devices like blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter etc VEESAG mPERS will collect that information and transmit the data to remote server for health monitoring.

When paired with home automation electronic devices user can perform basic operations remotely without reaching out to the device. VEESAG will automatically perform some operations on the home automation devices when few actions were performed like pressing an SOS button etc.

Increase your return on investment

One set of devices can be used by entire family. VEESAG devices has a buildin function to select the subscriber-id that is going to use the devices and VEESAG will transfer all the data to customers sub account.

One set of devices can be used by the remote medical care facility or school to track the health of 99,999 users.

AuTomatically sense the readings

VEESAG mPERS devices are equipped with multiple sensors, this information is relayed to server at a set intervals or upon request. This information helps the wearer to take care of ones health depending on the environmental, physical conditions.

Some of these sensors includes Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer, UV Sensor, Ambient Light Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Temperature Sensor and Humidity Sensor for holistic health management & safety of patients and people alike.

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